Vasco & Black Nut @ Electrowerkz

I had the opportunity to attend the event on 22 July 16 and I must say, it was a night to remember!

As usual, selfie or it didn’t happen haha

When Vasco & Black Nut arrived at the front door at around 5:00pm, the fans were still able to calm down. The rehearsal began not long after and we sure got a good one!

DSC_0360 copy

Here’s a V sign from Vasco while we were clicking away, feeling so overwhelmed by them!
DSC_0031 copy

The rehearsal started with Black Nut. He was amazing even during rehearsal!
DSC_0110 copy

DSC_0118 copy

DSC_0071 copy

It was then Vasco turn and it was even more amazing!

DSC_0133 copy

DSC_0181 copy

DSC_0207 copy

DSC_0252 copy

DSC_0259 copy

and… when they both were on the same stage, it just blew my mind! I really couldn’t wait for the show to start!
We had the opportunity to interview Vasco & Black Nut – do look forward to it!
I must say, they were very friendly and Vasco was kind enough to translate my questions to Black Nut as I couldn’t speak Korean. That was so sweet of him!

Then, it was time for the show to start! Vasco and Black Nut walked pass the fans several times but the fans didn’t even realise it! I was screaming in my head, really wanted the fans to realise it. Anyway, Black Nut got on stage at around 9:40pm, a bit later than the time said but the crowd were so hyped by then! The crowd loved him! And he was so good to the fans giving tons of fanservice!

DSC_0531 copy

DSC_0776 copy

…which the fans reacted by throwing a bra onto the stage! Black Nut looked surprised at first and he seemed shy when he was talking, but he used the bra to wipe his sweat while performing. Talk about different personalities! Black Nut was like a totally different person when he performed! Fierce but so cool! No wonder you can’t keep your eyes away from him!

DSC_0720 copy

DSC_0730 copy

DSC_0753 copy

DSC_0559 copy

Some fans actually climbed onto the stage to hug Black Nut but to get dragged out by the security guards.
Black Nut then made the crowd went totally crazy when he took off his tshirt and threw it to the fans! The fan who got it had it signed if I heard it right! Well done fan!

Vasco then took over the stage and the crowd just won’t settle down!

DSC_1116 copy

DSC_1166 copy

DSC_1193 copy

DSC_1205 copy

…the crowd loved him! loads! the cameras kept clicking and no one could put their phones down! Nothing to worry about, there were tons of hands in the air for Vasco! The fans reacted to him enthusiastically! The cheer and everything were so amazing! And some fans went onto the stage to hug him!

DSC_1279 copy

DSC_1280 copy

DSC_1308 copy

DSC_1312 copy

then, it was time for both Vasco and Black Nut to rock the stage together! It was so mind blowing!

DSC_1364 copy

DSC_1385 copy

When it ended, the crowd still wanted more! Vasco and Black Nut came back on the stage for one last song. The gig ended at 11:00pm.

I had a really great time, met some friends and enjoyed the night together and I’m sure the other fans did too! It would be an honour if both Vasco and Black Nut to come and perform again in London in the nearer future because London needs them!


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