Sik-K and Yelows Mob FLIP Tour:London @ Dingwalls

I had the opportunity to attend Sik-K and Yelows Mob FLIP Tour on 3 Oct 2016 as the representative for KIUK. As usual, selfie to prove it happened lol Bad angle but oh well~


Sik-K and Yelows Mob arrived around 5:30pm and started their rehearsal until nearly 6:30pm where the Press were then given the opportunity to interview them. For the interview, the whole crew were there; Sik-K, DJ Child, Mac Kidd, Gwangmin, Naeezy, Woogie and One Hunnnit. I got to high five all of them (fist bump with Woogie that I failed) before we started the interview.


Interview video

The show started around 8:00pm. Before it started, Sik-K, DJ Child and Mac Kidd came onto the stage to entertain the fans as the fans got excited and restless (a lot of singing went on before they appeared). They took the stage for a few minutes and got everyone so hyped up! Sik-K then told the fans to wait for another 20 minutes before the event officially begin. By that time, many fans from general tickets started coming in.


The venue was very comfortable, a lot of spaces near the bar if anyone need a breather. Of course the area near the stage was packed!

The gig begun with DJ Sungmin and Naeezy taking the stage; getting the fans to hype up once again started with known English songs/remix before going to other Naeezy songs.




Then Sik-K and Mac Kidd took over the stage! Everyone got crazy!


Sik-K then gave the stage to Mac Kidd while he was dance and sing along from behind; staying with DJ Child.



Then, it was Sik-K time to shine! Zero Fucks is Given, Habibi are only a few to name that he performed. The fans, obviously sang along. At nearly the end, Sik-K asked the fans to sing for him and the fans did not disappoint! Of course Sik-K joined in with the fans! Talk about awesome fan service!








When it nearly the end, the whole crew came onto the stage, rocking a few songs, taking selfies with the fans and high fives. They had a lot of fun on the stage, Naeezy got drenched twice on stage! That was hilarious as he stood there accepting it.



A fan managed to throw a bra on the stage (this has become a MUST-DO thing by now) and Sik-K then went to Mac Kidd and placed it behind his neck! Mac Kidd looked surprised! I don’t think the boys were expecting that! The bra only appeared for a short while (were they embarrass?) And someone brought a battery powered banana light where Sungmin was seen playing with it.



The gig ended quite early, around 9:50pm. Meet & Greet happened after that. Fans were still so energetic when it ended. They kept on calling the crew for 2nd encore over and over again.


Overall, the gig was awesome. Sik-K and Yelows Mob were great; a lot of fans interactions, fan service and I bet the fans were loving every second of it. London was their first stop before Berlin and Madrid tomorrow night. Hope they’ll have a great time touring Europe and to stop by London again soon.

All photos from the gig can be viewed at KIUK – Sik-K and Yelows Mob FLIP Tour: London Album


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