Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour: London @ O2

I’ll start off with my typical concert selfie just to prove I was there haha


Since I got asked a lot how, where do I get my information from regarding concerts, gigs theatres, and stuffs that happen in London, I’ll just write it all here; review, know-how and everything in between

I heard that Bieber would stop by London last year (yes they sold the ticket in December 2015 even though the tour is in Oct/Nov 2016). And not a surprise, the tickets for all London dates got sold out pretty fast!

Since I couldn’t make up my mind last year, I missed getting the ticket. But, there are always tickets being resell. I bought mine from getmein 2 weeks before the concert. Do check frequently or put in an alert there for the price you’d like them to email you about. Some people would resell for less than what they bought. But be prepared for high fees and delivery cost. Seriously that is so annoying!

Bieber tickets range from £65-£75 and the VIPs are so much more expensive! I got the resell of £82, level 1, kind of center seat which was what I wanted. And the fees was £20+ which is ridiculous – yet I paid for it. Anything for Bieber lol

I never been to a concert at O2 so I didn’t know what to expect. The venue is huge! Even though I was at level 1, that was still far from the stage – well, because I wanted center seat. But I still enjoyed myself nevertheless.

The concert had 2 opening acts; Mic Lowry and The Knocks. Not my favourite… totally not my kind of music. A lot of people actually left their seats and went to the lounge/bar during the opening acts. That was how bad it was. They played from 7:00pm until nearly 9:00pm. The venue was pretty much empty then.


But when Bieber came onto the stage, it was crazy! Seats were filled! It was totally amazing!


The background, dances, lighting etc were spot on! The stage was made to look like a skate board part with the curve. I was in awe when they had the trampoline! They even had a small water splash towards the end plus rain!




When Bieber sang Love Yourself accoustic, I was blown away! I totally loved that!


Before singing Purpose, Bieber was asking what is your purpose to the fans and talked about Love and asked the fans what do they think about it etc.

When it ended, people were asking for encore and he reappeared and sang Sorry!


Bieber was incredible on stage! He seemed to have loads of fun and obviously I had fun despite I had a flu. Seriously, Justin Bieber concert is to be attended once in a lifetime! He was quirky and cheeky; and got me cringe at time with his choice of words to link to the song he’s singing next. He said something like… “I’m away from my family and friends. Can you keep me company” then sang Company. Also for Baby, he said something along the line will you become my baby. Cringeworthy haha. It was pretty sweet when he said I love you too to a fan who said she loves him. Awwwww~

Also he gave some speech before singing Children about awareness of some sort and everyone at the venue had their phone flash lights on during the song. It was a moment to remember! How supportive everyone were!

Overall, I love the concert! I wish I would have been in better health to enjoy it but nevertheless I had a blast (and ended stayed in bed the next day lol)

The setlist:
Mark My Words
Where Are Ü Now
Get Used to It
I’ll Show You
The Feeling
Home to Mama
Love Yourself
Been You
No Sense
Hold Tight
No Pressure
As Long As You Love Me
Drum Solo
Life Is Worth Living
What Do You Mean?
Encore: Sorry


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