Panic! At The Disco @ Alexandra Palace

When the ticket first came out, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. Near to the date, I realised I really wanted to attend the concert. I bought the ticket from Stubhub since there weren’t any left on ticketmaster. I never tried buying from there before. I got my ticket for £45.42 all included – the normal ticket is £36 all included. The ticket was supposed to arrive on Friday but it didn’t. I gave Stubhub a call on Saturday around 2pm and when I first call, they didn’t have any replacement ticket. They said they’ll get back to me before 3pm. At 2:30pm I got a call and they said they couldn’t contact the buyer but they have a replacement! Yay me! 


On Sunday, I went out around 4pm, arrived at Stubhub office near Tottenham Court Road (same building as Pheonix Theatre) at 5pm, picked up my ticket and went back onto the tube at around 5:30pm. It didn’t take long from there to Wood Green station, then Alexandra Palace. There were special Panic! At The Disco shuttle buses near the station cost £1 both ways; or could just take the W3 bus. I arrived there around 6pm and the queue was so long! We got inside around 7:15pm.

I’ve never been to Alexandra Palace before. It’s huge! Something like O2 where there are stalls that sell various kinds of food and even inside the venue, there were food! The food and drinks are expensive as usual (plain pizza £7, water £1.50).

The concert started at 8-8:30pm with the opening act. Panic! At The Disco appeared at 9pm and performed until 10pm; then encore until around 10:20pm. Panic! At The Disco was awesome! He hardly talk to the audience, only a bit here and there. Not that I mind. During one of the songs, he did a flip on stage! I was jaw dropped! He was also on the piano, guitar and drums! Multi talented for sure! 


I love how there were confetti during the first song, and again during another song, and at the end of the encore. People were so hyped up! Some people took part of the confetti home haha. The stage, backdrop, lightings were so on point! Love those!


One of the songs for the encore was the legendary I Write Sins Not Tragedies. It was incredible! He introduced the song as “a new song” given that a lot of his new fans are teens! Everyone sang along to the song! How I wish he’d perfom The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Conference.


Overall, Panic! At The Disco was soooooo great! Listening him live was so much better than listening on Spotify. The energy was incredible and he seemed to have so much fun on stage! My only complain is the venue. It’s huge but there were no screens of the stage at all! Many of us shorts ones had to keep moving to find a good view of the stage. It felt like a music festival rather than a concert. 


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