Crush On You ‘Wonderlust’ Tour: London @ Scala

At 8:40pm, there was still a long queue outside of Scala even though only 20 minutes remaining before the concert. Given that the tickets were sold out within hours for both days, that was to be expected. The show was supposed to start at 9pm; I got in around 9:15pm. The venue was packed! Millic was rocking the stage around 9:00pm playing songs to get all the fans hyped up.


Crush appeared at 9:40pm and it was lit! He spoke in Korean, with some English in between. And even learned eastenders slang words (woh-ta, lit) and used them well. A fan taught him a Jamaican Patois word wagwan meaning what’s going on.

He looked so confused (and cute) trying to figure out the pronunciation. And when he finally understood it, he gave a thumb up!

Crush read a letter that he wrote for us, saying he loves London and would love to live here! All the fans went nuts! Hearts were thrown everywhere! He also said that he’s an Arsenal fan. He threw the letter into the crowd and a fan managed to grab it. The letter has his signature and a kiss mark! How lucky is that fan!

During one of his song, a fan fainted and was brought out by securities. Crush was singing at that time. He stopped and went to check how the fan was doing. He looked worried and so surprised. It was pretty warm in the venue. Crush handed out his water bottles into the crowd to avoid anymore fans from fainting due to dehydration. That was so sweet of him. He then started the song again.

Crush even pretended to be Zion.T with the trademark round sunglasses which Crush replaced with the new year glasses. Witty! He sang some of Zion.T songs.

When Crush took off his jacket, fans demanded that he took off his tshirt too. Too bad he didn’t.

Around 11pm or so, Crush invited Dean onto stage. Everyone went crazy! They performed some songs together (I’m Not Sorry) before Dean handed the stage back to Crush for 1 last song.

When the song ended, Crush asked to the crowd, “Again?” and we sure wanted more! He sang the same song for the last time before bidding us goodbye. The gig ended at nearly 11:30pm; then continued with the After Party.

Throughout the concert Crush was fun, entertaining, witty and obviously everyone was blown away with his voice!

And Dean! That was unexpected! We knew that he was in London but didn’t put our hopes up to see him performing. Totally a night to remember!

Even though the venue was so packed, I still managed to get a good view of the stage. The only thing is to always bring an ID since Scala always asks for an ID. Other venues hardly do that.


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