Busted Night Driver UK Tour: London @ Eventim Apollo


I was lucky that the ticket was still available 3 days before from the Eventim website. It was sold out on ticketmaster. I even managed to get a good seat! Circle Block 2 Row G! The most front! As usual, the doors open at 7pm and I arrived at 7pm to pickup my ticket from the box office, and got in straight away without the need to queue in the cold (OH YEAH!).

The opening act, Natives came onto the stage at 8-8:30pm. Their theme is tribal pop kind of thing which they incorporate into their musics. Interesting mixture of nature sounds into their songs.

Busted started performing at 9:00pm until 10:00pm, started with Kids With Computers. Everyone on the Circle Blocks stood up once they were up! When they got to Air Hostess, everyone gone mad! No one not singing along to that! Everyone had their phones light up during one of their songs. It was lit!

Charlie(I think!) even made a dedication message for his parents 30th anniversary. How sweet is that!

They ended with my all time favourite, Year 3000! and the encore until 10:30pm. They performed 3 songs during the encore including What I Go To School For and Coming Home.

The stage was pretty, good play with the lights and there are boxes/corners for the drummer. Very nice setting!

Kids With Computers
Thinking of You
On What Your On
Air Hostess
Night Driver
Without It
I Will Break Your Heart
Who’s David
Sleeping With The Light
Crashed The Wedding
New York
Year 3000

What I Go To School For
Coming Home
Those Days Are Gone


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