Green Day: London @ O2

The doors opened at 6:30pm and I was blown away with my seat! I’ve only been to the O2 arena once before for Bieber, and I was seated at block 105 which is nearly center but really far from the stage. This time, I took the seat right next to the stage, block 113 giving me a side view but it’s extremely close to the stage! I bought my ticket from Stubhub. Also, I could enter the venue straight away unlike during Bieber where I had to queue for at least half an hour!

The opening act, The Interrupters from LA went onto the stage at 7:00pm and performed until 7:30pm. They were so energetic, jumping and communicating with the fans, and they even remembered the fans who came to their previous shows!

With 2 songs left, they were joined by a few “backup dancers” who dressed in animal onesies – obviously, one of them was the Green Day member Billie!

Before Green Day was on, an animal onesie came onto stage and made all the fans hyped up with cheers. Green Day started performing at 8:00pm with Know Your Enemy. They kept on performing with a few but very fun and memorable interaction with the fans!

Billie kept playing with the fans, signalling fans to cheer, stop cheering, and cheer again in various speed! That was hilarious!

3 lucky fans were invited on stage on different occasions. The first girl was singing with Billie and Billie excitedly told her to jump into the crowd and she did! Well, nearly jumped. The 2nd fan, was given the microphone and sang part of the song and he totally nailed it! He went over to all the members and wiped the stage! He was that good!

The last and the most luckiest fan was this disabled girl who had her hands up when Billie asked if there were any guitar players in the arena to play 3 chords for him. She played while Billie sat next to her and her mom standing beside her looking, wiping her tears from joy. And, if that was not enough, Billie gifted her with the guitar! That was amazing and very nice of him!

Mike was playing near to the side I was on and he kept interacting with us once in a while. Mike was full of energy jumping while rocking the bass!

Near to the end, Tre’ Cool came down from the drum where Billie took his place and showed us some dance moves and jumps!

The concert ended at 10pm and encore until 10:30pm with 2 accoustic songs by Billie. The members came back on stage for final goodbye and Tre’ Cool threw his drum sticks at our side. A girl a few rows below managed to catch it and she was so estatic about it.

Overall, Green Day is one of the best concert I ever attended. They were so fun, playful, and never was I bored throughout the concert. They had several different backdrops which I find very interesting to fit their songs with their album. They didn’t use digital backdrops but real printed backdrops, which made it more awesome! Also, the use of fire throughout made it all so good! I could even feel the heat from my seat!

The venue was absolutely filled! Green Day totally made my night!


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