Zion T: London @ O2 Kentish Town

Zion T performed in London on 17 Feb 2017. I arrived at the venue around 8:15pm and the queue was long! I met up with the person who got my ticket and we got inside around 8:40pm. I bought a resell ticket for £25 because I don’t feel that the ticket full price £40 is worth paying given that Zion T would perform for only 50 minutes. The balcony seats were full when we got in so we went to the standing space near the bar at the most top. It gave us the perfect view of the stage.

Choice 37 was slightly early and started to play on stage at 8:50pm until 9:45pm. His choices include Big Bang, CL, Black Pink which get a lot of reactions and sing along from the fans. He also mixed in classic songs including Jackson 5. He got the floor heated with his mixed and ready for Zion T.

Zion T started performing at 9:50pm where he came onto the stage fully dressed with an extra coat layer and he took it off after the first song and hanged it onto the microphone stand. He didn’t realise how packed and lit the place was!

During one of his songs, he threw the fans a huge heart sign which obviously the fans went crazy over it!

It was pretty cute how he still tried to talk to the fans in English but he ended up using Korean and the fans answered him in Korean as well.

 It was pretty short and his performance ended at 10:20pm where he reappered to sing 3 more songs for the encore until 10:40pm.

During his last song, he stopped the music when it had just started because he wasn’t ready and wanted to deliver the best performance for the fans. The fans were all so touched and he did delivered the song with so much heartfelt!

Overall, Zion T was amazing and totally had the fans excited singing, dancing and reacting to all his moves. It’s a shame that Zion T performed for a mere 50 minutes when no one had enough of it. Everyone still have a lot of energy when it ended. It felt so anti climax; feeling disastified like something is missing. It would have been better if the concert was for the usual 1 1/2 hour. The stage was pretty simple with little lights play which suited Zion T songs. Does it worth the £25? Maybe. Worth £40? Not at all – of course it’s understandable that the price is high due to all the other costs to come to London.


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