Sum 41: London @ O2 Academy Brixton

Sum 41 on 2 March 2017! Finally I get to see them performing live! The doors opened at 7:00pm and I arrived at 7:10pm and the queue was extremely long! O2 Brixton was easy to find. I got in at around 7:40pm.

The opening act, Hollerado performed at 7:58pm until 8:30pm. They’re from Canada! Thought they were local band. Personally, their first song put me off but towards the end, they’re worth to check out. Honestly, the sound system was horrible! It didn’t do them justice, to introduce them to new fans. Good thing it was fine when Sum 41 was performing.

While waiting for Sum 41, they had the curtains up and someone was playing with the shadows. Entertaining.

Sum 41 came onto stage around 8:00pm. They picked several fans to be on stage and wow! they were on stage until near the end! They had the best view ever! Right on the stage! So lucky! 

During the beginning, they had some balloons floating around and there were confetti inside when the balloon got popped! Turns out it’s the 20 years of Sum 41! As Deryck said, “20 fucking years old goddammit” đŸ˜‚

Sum 41 was awesome! They rock the stage! Do I need to go on about their songs?

It’s so nice that they called us Sum 41 family instead of fans! Awwwwww moment! The standing guys got a lot of attention and I’m not sure if this happened, but I think Deryck went into the crowd? Because he said he couldn’t see those at the back? I couldn’t see what was happening from the circle seating.

At 10:36pm we had the first encore. Deryck played the piano and sang Crash and boy oh boy! That was beautiful! He then played Pieces on the piano and the others joined in and continued with the song. 

They bid their goodbyes and people started to exit the venue. And it’s worth to mention they had the skeleton man up! He had his middle finger up lol

We were so wrong to think it was the end! Many of us knew there’d be another encore. After a few minutes at 10:52pm they reappeared for the second encore with wigs! Hilarious! Only one last song and they ended with the human pyramid before bidding us goodbye for real at around 11:00pm.

Overall, Sum 41 was great! Another childhood band ticked off my list. They sounded so so so much better on stage! The stage was simple but lots of playing with the lights and very colourful lights. Regarding the venue, well, it was alright? I’ve never been there before. Beautiful interior; not quite sure what those are; garden? Balcony? Trees? I can’t see well in dim light.


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