Block B: London @ Troxy

Block B was in London for their europe tour stop called Block B 2017 Live Blockbuster in EU on 5th March 2017. Initially, I was reluctant to get the ticket as the price is on the expensive side; £65 + £8 fees and that was the cheapest ticket. I ended up buying it to see P.O performing but he wasn’t healthy enough to perform. I’m still not sure how to feel about that since he was the reason I got the ticket.

The concert was at Troxy which is pretty near to my place; 10 mins on the DLR. I went out from home around 7:00pm and got to Troxy 5 mins before it started – I got lost when I took the wrong DLR exit haha

Anyway, I was on time. The boys came onto the stage at 7:32pm and performed all their hits songs! It was incredible! Their dance moves were on point and finally I could see them performing live!

During one of the song, the boy were teasing up by airing their tshirt which got all of the fans excited! Too bad there weren’t any abs were exposed.

The boys sang one song after another with a few breaks to talk with the fans. I’m surprised that there weren’t any solo performance. But of course they were great performing as a team.

They bid their goodbye at 9:00pm before appearing 5 mins later for the encore. The boys were standing at the edge of the stage to get closer to the fans and even took the fans phones to record themselves on the stage! Lucky!

The concert ended at 9:15pm; 15 mins short from the promised 2 hours concert. The boys had the Union Jack given by fans and took a photo with all of us from the stage.

Overall, it was an okay concert. I’ve never been to Troxy before and I think I do like the venue. It’s kind of small so even from the upper circle, the view of the stage is clear. They also have a screen on stage which is good! The stage was empty but they had lots of play with lights and the backdrop/backgrounds that were played during songs were top notch! They had a rain effect background and it felt real!


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