Olly Murs: London @ Royal Albert Hall


Olly Murs concert on 27th March 2017 was part of the performance for the Teenage Cancer Trust to support the charity so there was an MC. 
The opening act was M.O performing from around 7:45-8:11pm and they were rocking the stage. But the crowd weren’t as excited as they were and hardly getting involved to clap or even waving their hands during the performance. I must say, M.O was great and the girls were really energetic and I do like their stage!

After the MC went off the stage to give way to Olly Murs, there was a countdown on the screen. It was pitched black. Everyone was counting down and then, the lights came on and there he was, Olly Murs standing near the drums! Olly performed from 8:55-10:30pm including encore. Olly simply continued with the encore straight away as he said it doesn’t make sense for him to exit the stage and come back on a few minutes later. Well, he took away the fun of chanting his name for the encore haha

Olly was amazing! He was excited on stage, showing off his dances, he really seemed to have lots of fun on stage. He was excited to be performing in Royal Albert Hall – even I got overly excited throughout! 

He was amazed how the fans sang along and even reenacted as if he is the judge in X Factor for our singing! Full of compliments of course.

At one time, after he finished a song, he went to the west side and asked the girl who was crying who upsets her; obviously it was all Olly’s fault haha. He gave her a hug and took a photo with her! 

During one of his song, he went to the east side, giving lots of high fives, hugs and taken photos with the fans! And, get this, he even had a fan to the side of the stage and danced with her! The ballroom dance in the middle of his song! Amazing fanservice for sure!

He didn’t forget the fans who were sitting at the choir seats (back) and he kept turning to us during the performance and said hello in the beginning and goodbye in the end. The choir seats mainly saw his back and sides.

And he also came down the stage, into the crowd to high five the fans who were far from the stage. He went around the crowd and back on the stage and said, “I’m alive!”. Funny!

He ended the concert singing “Years and Years” and reminded us that he was in X Factor 8 years ago and thanked us for all the supports since then. He signed off by saying, “Stay cheeky, keep smiling” – if I remember correctly!

Overall, I love it! Olly Murs was amazing! I’m considering to attend his concert again this weeked, we’ll see. Royal Albert Hall is as always, so beautiful! I wanted to go inside Royal Albert Hall and the concert was a good excuse. I bought the choir east seat row 3 seat 16, it’s kind of similar to seats at block 113 at O2 Greenwich. I like that seat because there’s no one in front of me so I didn’t need to stand up when everyone else did. Seats that are more to the right not exactly getting much better side view but seats to my left are worse since those have more of the back view rather than side view. There was only one screen at center stage giving a good view of Olly’s, but its not helping for the people at the sides.


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